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Data Collection Settings

Last updated on Jan 19, 2024

Attention: In Torq version 0.18.16 and up to 0.18.18 all optional data collection was off by default when a node was added. Follow the guide here to turn them on gain.

In the video bellow we show you how you can turn on data collection and choose what data you want to collect.


  1. Go to the settings page.

  2. Find the node you have added and expand it.

  3. Expand the "Advanced settings" section.

  4. Toggle on the following categories: Htlc events, Peer events, Transactions, Payments, Invoices, Forwards, and Forwards History.

  5. Press "Save" to apply the changes.

  6. Wait for Torq to start collecting data. Note that it may take some time before all data is imported, especially if you run a large node.